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Hunger Games: Le film v.f.

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jeddy_888@ wrote:

To be honest, this movie was not what I expected BUT the movie was amazing! I did not read the book but I found that it was better not to read the book. Why spoil the surprise of this movie? The acting was done very well. The emotions and expressions, made you become that much more absorbed in the movie and it drew you in to the storyline. I also found the plot of the book different. A good different. I found significance within the plot and how watching the movie intrigued me more because the movie itself was not like others I've seen. There was a little bit of action, tension and grief but it made it more realistic and while watching the movie, it makes the viewer draw questions as to why this is happening? But overall the movie really sticks in your mind! I highly recommend the movie. I went and saw it as a last minute plan and I was so glad that I did. It's definitely a must see. You will not be disappointed!!


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