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blackcat401@ wrote:

After watching SHAME which events happened in New York, I concluded that the spirit, the soul or whatever you want to call it is way way stronger than any sexuality in mankind. The sister of the Main Character Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan sings her own rendition of "NEW YORK NEW YORK" and Fassbender feels it so deep inside his vacuity (life is all about sex) that tears start falling down his eyes. But even when his friend at the restaurant congratulates Carey with a BRAVO!!! Fassbender's comment was only: "It was good!" and nothing else and I believe that in this instance of the movie he feels shame. That's what really the movie is all about: SHAME of emptiness, in-satisfaction, meaning, finding solace only in the act of sex but in nothing else. That is where the conflict resides. He is indeed a troubled man who won't admit it because he is hooked by the bait (mainly sexual that women embody) It is his addiction that rules his very life. Even though he rejected to see his sister as an object of desire She goes to his bed and embraces his back, he kicks her out, it is there that the dichotomy (Body-Soul-Consciousness) appears even when she tries close encounters with him. There is also sexual ambivalence in him regarding genre. He is verbally abusive towards her. Rejection guilt remorse awareness of the consequences of his actions empathy with at least one of his victims close to him. A hint of end of the hunt then when his sister's life is in danger something seems to click and something seems to stop, maybe it's the beginning of the end of the urge to hunt. Carey Mulligan is breathtaking and adorable.


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