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1st Bite

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wpeabode@ wrote:

I don't believe anyone who gave this film a positive review is a real person. The director must be churning out e-mail addresses so he can review his own film using the anonymity of the internet. DO NOT BE FOOLED by the positive reviews. This film is a shameful waste of Canadian resources. It's because of people like Hunt Hoe that Canadian film has such a terrible reputation. Thanks to 1st bite, films that actually need funding probably won't get it because he sucked it all up and is going to make the NFB think twice before handing over grant money to filmmakers. The film itself is absolutely laughable. It makes no sense whatsoever, it's filled with absurd dialogue that simply frustrates the audience. Calling the script banal, void of meaning and superficial doesn't give it enough credit. I wanted to scream after the first 15 minutes. I stayed because I wanted to give it a fair review. Any actor from this film with even the slightest reputation has now lost whatever credibility they once had. How could these people have been so desperate for roles or money that they'd sign onto this thing? I feel like gagging just thinking about '1st bite'. Whoever worked on this film ought to be ashamed of themselves. Whoever enjoyed this film ought to see a psychologist. Whoever gave money to these people needs to be fired!


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