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A Few Days of Respite

Original titleQuelques jours de répit
Original lang.French
CountriesFrance, Algeria
Run time1h19m
Directed byAmor Hakkar


They're three, two men and a woman.

The two men made a choice ; they love each other and to live freely they ran away from the Islamic Republic of Iran, their home country.

Hassan who was a photographer and Moshen who taught french at Teheran College are today illegals. They entered France unlawfully, and silently they walk along a railway which must lead them to a small railway station in the countryside. There they hope to take a train to Paris.

The relationship between the two men is all keyed-up. Hassan knows that if the train leaving Teheran hadn't been late, Moshen, who refuses to die hung up, would have left without waiting for him.

Her name's Yolande. She's already sixty. She lives alone in a modest flat in Saint-Claude, a provincial town. What is the expecting from live? Probably nothing or so little. Back from a week-end spent away, she arrives at a small station where two Iranians are waiting for the train. Moshen notices her and helps her to carry her luggage. They'll travel facing each other in the train.

Yolande understands very quickly that that man is an illegal ; no matter, she finds him very considerate and endearing.

Once arrived in Saint-Claude, the transit station before Paris, Yolande who is usually so reserved dares to suggest to Moshen to have some work done in her flat.

These few days spent in Saint-Claude will change the destiny of each of the three protagonists.


Marina Vlady
Amor Hakkar
Samir Guesmi
Shimon Ben Lulu
Yves Grenard
Stéphanie Saliège
Sarah Hakkar
Kim-Kim Nezzar
Wahila Aïb
Julia Rousseau

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