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Our Happy Winners

15.6.2018 · Irena Sunstrum

Have not seen a good movie like this in a long time. I am recommending it to all my friends French & English.

nannyrena.shot.mail.ca@@ 25.5.2018   reply age: 50+   3 reviews

12.6.2018 · Myra Dodick

Yes, it was formula and transparent BUT it made me laugh, over and over again. I had read many comments from this website prior to going and had moderate expectations. Very happily surprised. Definitely worth going to see!

moviebuff@@ 23.5.2018   reply age: 50+   27 reviews

8.6.2018 · Lorna Pronk

Not a bad movie with some funny parts. Jane Fonda is an example of what an 80 year old can look like when lots of 'work' has been done! On the other hand Candice Bergen looks like what a number of women her age actually look like- a little heavy but still attractive. Don Johnson at 68 is still a good looking guy - I doubt if he would be interested in an 80 year old in real life.

moviegoer@@ 25.5.2018   reply age: 50+   36 reviews

5.6.2018 · Jason Banas

Loved the movie, had lots of funny jokes. I would recommend the first movie more but still one of my favourites.

jasonbananzas@@ 23.5.2018   reply age: 13-17   36 reviews

1.6.2018 · Mr. Pierre Savoie

Very good. It held my interest. It pictures a dire world where practically everyone has retreated into virtual experiences, and a frenetic quest based on knowledge of old pop-culture, especially video games, leading to a climactic mass show-down at the end.

draconian@@ 15.5.2018   reply age: 50+   26 reviews

29.5.2018 · Judy Thaler

Liked show but didn't realize that there would be so much singing and dancing that there was. Prefer Jackson as the Wolverine!!!

shoppingal@@ 8.5.2018   reply age: 50+   56 reviews

25.5.2018 · SAVANNAH HOLLY

Cinematography was great. Story line interesting. Applies to today. Beautiful special effects. Nice make-ups. Great artistry. Very engaging from beginning to end. Comment: In the theater where I saw the movie yesterday, nobody wanted to leave when the movie ended. We all wanted more. The feeling was similar to that of THE BLACK PANTHER.

raw@@ 5.5.2018   reply age: 36-49   3 reviews

18.5.2018 · O. R. Loveland

This movie wasn’t as scary as I had imagined going in. Interesting premise for a movie.

lovemovies@@ 28.4.2018   reply age: 36-49   28 reviews

15.5.2018 · Victoria Murphy

I was disappointed in this simplistic story with stereotypical characters. Yes, it's beautifully done, but it felt like it was churned out; the script was at the level of an after-school show.

vray@@ 27.4.2018   reply age: 50+   34 reviews

11.5.2018 · Julie-Anne Thiessen

Cheesy and puny, it was a great sequel. And it's great for both kids and parents. It's got a few life lessons added into the puny.

jamt@@ 28.4.2018   reply age: 36-49   9 reviews

11.5.2018 · C B Guertin

Loved this movie from beginning to end. Very sad truth and hard to understand the behavior of some human beings. Do not miss this movie. Worth the money for sure.

clog@@ 22.4.2018   reply age: 50+   32 reviews

8.5.2018 · Deanna Peck

There were moments of sparkle. An unfortunate script. The talent was there but wasted. Even knowing the concept of giant animals I expected a little better of a script. Rock does what he does best. The man was built with charm at his centre. Those scenes drew me in. But as for the rest of it the same thought rotated through my head - this is so boring.

reporter@@ 20.4.2018   reply age: 50+   33 reviews

1.5.2018 · Lynn Anderson

This was a well done movie in every sense. Of course it is far fetched, but put that aside, open your mind and enjoy the creative ride. It's action-packed, hilarious and the audience applauded at the end. The Rock always succeeds at entertaining. Kudos to everyone who made this movie and I highly recommend it.

mslynnypooh@@ 18.4.2018   reply age: 50+   2 reviews

17.4.2018 · URSULA SOHNLE

Went to see this movie with my husband and friend. Everyone enjoyed it. It was well acted especially by Dennis Quaid and the fellow who played his son, J. Michael Finley and the girlfriend. It was a very interesting movie based on a true story.

rosie@@ 31.3.2018   reply age: 50+   8 reviews

10.4.2018 · Shama Ali

A very beautiful movie. Far from the typical movies made these days. V touching. Super acting by the mute heroine. Really touches your heart. Don’t go on expecting anything and you will come out happy. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

faithinprayers@@ 23.3.2018   reply age: 50+   58 reviews

3.4.2018 · Leila Salib

Very good film on the true story of the attempted terrorist attack in 2015 on a train in Paris. What's nice is how real the film is, the 3 main actors are the real men who intervened on that train and avoided the worst to happen. Seeing how they grew up and the circumstances that made them who they are, as well as all the little things that made it happen that they were on that train that day, is very interesting and touching. This is a well told story of an event, not a Hollywood action packed movie!

hayanamoi@@ 26.3.2018   reply age: 26-35   30 reviews

20.3.2018 · Diane Scharf

It was a great idea putting in the actual heroes that saved the lives of all those people.

dianescharf1951@@ 2.3.2018   reply age: 50+   10 reviews

9.3.2018 · Rosa Yordan

Very good movie. The decision the star had to make was extremely difficult. It would affect her business and friendships.

theflower@@ 9.3.2018   reply age: 50+   3 reviews

6.3.2018 · Michael Glossop

Another of this years Best Picture nominees, it needs to be seen. Featuring some of the best performances, and writing, this year, I found it thoroughly entertaining. You will see this and leave the theatre discussing what you saw. The characters are as complex as the issues around them. Trying to understand the motivations and changes in each of them is what makes this film special.

mike@@ 4.3.2018   reply age: 50+   20 reviews

2.3.2018 · Mary Russell

Storyline, character development, direction and visual effects plus amazing cast.

marysgarden1937@@ 27.2.2018   reply age: 50+   5 reviews

27.2.2018 · Rita Andersson

Fantastic and very realistic except for the killing part. Frances M was outstanding in her role.

rasheeda@@ 19.2.2018   reply age: 50+   14 reviews

20.2.2018 · Chris Nelson

Movie grabs your attention and is intriguing up to the final act. But, not much of a climax - the ending didn't match the suspense which led up to it. Helen Mirren was her usual great, but I thought Jason Clarke was miscast and his character would've been better with an A-lister. Overall, good time-filler in a weak period for Hollywood.

bufffilmbuff@@ 2.2.2018   reply age: 36-49   79 reviews

6.2.2018 · Daniel Marz

"The Post" is an interesting but far too low key story about the "Pentagon Papers" and both the professional and political issues surrounding their release and publication by a leading American newspaper. I remember living through this story and somehow the incredible excitement and controversy of the time were not successfully translated into this film. The movie should have created the tension and cloak-and-dagger thrills of "All the President's Men" but it failed to do so. However, the acting by all of the major characters was flawless and certainly that alone makes this movie worth seeing.

danielmarz@@ 4.2.2018   reply age: 50+   86 reviews

6.2.2018 · Wojtek Banas

Really slow. Quite uneventful. Has no ending. The actor from the tv series 13 Reasons Why had the same facial expression through the whole movie as in that tv series. I can't recommend.

mister23@@ 4.2.2018   reply age: 36-49   90 reviews

30.1.2018 · Shawn Cruickshank

A decent conclusion to the trilogy. Started out slow but picked up midway through the film. The Death Cure is a slower, more reflective contribution to the story. It deviates from the innovative and intriguing Maze Runner that introduced us to this world. The nemesis of the series is somewhat humanized which is conflicting and unsettling at times. The main characters have grown up and present grittier personas. The plot is simplistic and illogical but funtions as a framework for the story. It's strangely satisfying though and holds its own surprises. Quite enjoyable.

shawn50@@ 27.1.2018   reply age: 50+   268 reviews

26.1.2018 · Eric Strain

Kevin Hart just doesn't make me laugh. This film just wasn't funny at all to me personally. I giggled maybe 3 times. Wasted my money. Just didn't appeal to me.

eric@@ 5.1.2018   reply age: 36-49   61 reviews

23.1.2018 · Fernando Curcione

A masterpiece in its genre, which is a bit of a fusion of sci-fi, comedy, drama which in itself could form a new genre. Christopher Waltz and Hong Chau deliver incredible laughs and very emotional performances. I would suspect that some of the lower ratings for this movie come from a life not fully lived yet or a general unawareness of being alive and all that life is. Go see this film now!

the.riverdale.kid@@ 4.1.2018   reply age: 50+   221 reviews

9.1.2018 · James Edgar

Very good Musical movie with a neat life lesson story performed by an excellent cast!

jedgar@@ 1.1.2018   reply age: 50+   554 reviews

2.1.2018 · Dominic Proctor

I feel that Dunkirk failed on many levels. The most egregious problem was that the movie was boring. For the first half hour I was expecting the action to pick up. By then I realized that it never would. I also did not like Nolan's use of intersecting, but different story durations. While Nolan has used creative views of time to great success before, here I felt it accomplished nothing other than allowing the movie to move back and forth between the tangential stories. Finally, I do not think the movie captured the magnitude of the accomplishment achieved at Dunkirk. In this age of CGI it is very possible to create the image of all those soldiers and the civilian ships that were required to rescue them. If the movie did not explicitly state how many people were saved I would have left with the impression that it was a few hundred soldiers.

dominic@@ 1.1.2018   reply age: 50+   409 reviews

26.12.2017 · Mel Brown

Veteran actress Frances McDormand once again throws her bonnet in the ring for the upcoming Oscars. Four times nominated and a winner with FARGO, Ms. McDormand gives an over-the-top portrayal of an embittered housewife whose world has collapsed around her. Set in a bucolic town in Missouri (actually filmed in North Dakota), the film peels away layers of anger and mistrust fomenting in some of its citizens. Woody Harrelson exhibits all the qualities you don't expect from a small town lawman and Sam Rockwell, as a bigoted momma's boy with a gun and badge, may be the most compelling character of all. Beautifully filmed and ably acted, director Martin McDonagh shows us many twists and turns in the lives and thoughts of these small town inhabitants. He does not, however, draw any conclusions from the random and contradictory actions portrayed on-screen. That part is left to the viewers.

maverick@@ 11.12.2017   reply age: 50+   420 reviews

22.12.2017 · Mimi Waters

I didn't want to give up the 10 but I had to. This movie is beautiful. It's not for everyone and many will disagree. It is a work of art, a true masterpiece. Go see it, suspend everything you think you know and let it overtake you. You will not be sorry. Bravo!!!

bloopbymimi.com@@ 6.12.2017   reply age: 36-49   20 reviews

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