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Our Happy Winners

16.1.2018 · Jean-Pierre Dazé

Je considère ce film comme un excellent documentaire. Je connaissais le patronyme de GETTY mais ne m'étais pas beaucoup intéressé à cette histoire malgré que j'étais dans le jeune vingtaine à cette époque. Les actrices et acteurs sont de très grandes pointures et tous excellents. C'est une histoire triste et tant qu'il y aura des humains sur terre cette histoire se répèteras jusqu'à la fin des temps.

jeanpie22@@ 8.1.2018   reply age: 50+   4 reviews

9.1.2018 · James Edgar

Very good Musical movie with a neat life lesson story performed by an excellent cast!

jedgar@@ 1.1.2018   reply age: 50+   529 reviews

2.1.2018 · Dominic Proctor

I feel that Dunkirk failed on many levels. The most egregious problem was that the movie was boring. For the first half hour I was expecting the action to pick up. By then I realized that it never would. I also did not like Nolan's use of intersecting, but different story durations. While Nolan has used creative views of time to great success before, here I felt it accomplished nothing other than allowing the movie to move back and forth between the tangential stories. Finally, I do not think the movie captured the magnitude of the accomplishment achieved at Dunkirk. In this age of CGI it is very possible to create the image of all those soldiers and the civilian ships that were required to rescue them. If the movie did not explicitly state how many people were saved I would have left with the impression that it was a few hundred soldiers.

dominic@@ 1.1.2018   reply age: 50+   409 reviews

26.12.2017 · Mel Brown

Veteran actress Frances McDormand once again throws her bonnet in the ring for the upcoming Oscars. Four times nominated and a winner with FARGO, Ms. McDormand gives an over-the-top portrayal of an embittered housewife whose world has collapsed around her. Set in a bucolic town in Missouri (actually filmed in North Dakota), the film peels away layers of anger and mistrust fomenting in some of its citizens. Woody Harrelson exhibits all the qualities you don't expect from a small town lawman and Sam Rockwell, as a bigoted momma's boy with a gun and badge, may be the most compelling character of all. Beautifully filmed and ably acted, director Martin McDonagh shows us many twists and turns in the lives and thoughts of these small town inhabitants. He does not, however, draw any conclusions from the random and contradictory actions portrayed on-screen. That part is left to the viewers.

maverick@@ 11.12.2017   reply age: 50+   410 reviews

22.12.2017 · Mimi Waters

I didn't want to give up the 10 but I had to. This movie is beautiful. It's not for everyone and many will disagree. It is a work of art, a true masterpiece. Go see it, suspend everything you think you know and let it overtake you. You will not be sorry. Bravo!!!

bloopbymimi.com@@ 6.12.2017   reply age: 36-49   15 reviews

19.12.2017 · Angus Stewart

Lighting and everything was cool. But it was like listening to a married couple or a couple of relatives arguing for 90 minutes. Blue Jasmine had some funny moments and was fast moving. The script of Wonder Wheel was pretty depressing.

movieguy@@ 11.12.2017   reply age: 36-49   252 reviews

12.12.2017 · Michael Tawton

'Lady Bird' radiates an innocence and sincerity as pure as a mother's love. An Intimate, energizing and precious elixir vitae.

michaelprops@@ 25.11.2017   reply age: 50+   238 reviews

5.12.2017 · Darrell Simpson

Outstanding movie. Great character development and one that just flew by. Like they eluded to multiple times in the show... the real heros are those Fire Fighters that risk their lives every day to save other people and their properties!

drs@@ 30.11.2017   reply age: 50+   380 reviews

28.11.2017 · Lietha Wards

While I love Thor, I was really disappointed that Jane wasn't in the script. Also, the fact that Thor's character seemed a little off. He was... ahem... less invincible, or 'tough' as he usually was. The CGI was excellent as usual, but the story fell a little short for me.

lward@@ 15.11.2017   reply age: 36-49   120 reviews

21.11.2017 · Impi Sood

A Secret Superstar is born on Youtube because her father is abusive and disapproves of women, girls, singing... anything actually. The movie highlights all these issues. Aamir plays a singer and plays it the way only Aamir can. Only the movie is too long and the story is heavy. So it would have been better for it to be shorter. Secret Superstar and her mother match Aamir in acting. Beautiful performances all around.

impi@@ 7.11.2017   reply age: 36-49   172 reviews

7.11.2017 · Mike Whalen

We generally enjoy all films connected with the Coen brothers so we thought we would ignore the critics. You can see bits of their style in this movie which made it decent. Acting is pretty solid throughout (especially Damon), story is OK but takes a while to get going. I liked the ending as it seemed kind of poetic.

oldfilmbuff@@ 2.11.2017   reply age: 50+   312 reviews

31.10.2017 · Shane Connors

Well paced and very emotional look at the toll that fame took on young Christopher Robin. Also a great family drama looking at the escapism that AA Milne and his wife indulged in partly to help him deal with his PTSD.

swimbuns@@ 14.10.2017   reply age: 50+   257 reviews

27.10.2017 · Chris Murray

I loved this movie. Kevin Sorbo did a good job as a militant atheist. He reminded me of Lawrence Krauss and how he so arrogant when he condescends Christians like he did when he debated William Lane Craig. Several years ago Michael Franzese came to my church and gave his testimony of how he got saved and left the Mob. He was great in this movie. And Most of all, Jesus Christ was exalted and glorified as the only hope for a world sinking more and more into darkness.

godseeker@@ 27.10.2017   reply age: 50+   3 reviews

24.10.2017 · Sam R

For historical content, and a peak into Victorian era, film can't be beat! Worth watching!

swordfish@@ 19.10.2017   reply age: 18-25   200 reviews

17.10.2017 · Steven Acoca

Excellent movie. I mean whatever you may think about him, it's hard to criticize his performance. The movie itself was incredibly entertaining and highly recommended. From start to finish, you are thrown into a gripping true story full of twists and turns that details the life of a rebel who didn't really think much of what he may be in for.

theonlysteve@@ 3.10.2017   reply age: 26-35   927 reviews

11.10.2017 · Barbara Hill

I loved this movie! So captivating! I laughed out loud a few times and felt a range of emotions about the sweet Abdul, the snobbery of the people in the Queen's life, and her forgiving nature, despite her hurt, boring life, and betrayal by those closest to her. So Abdul is a ray of Light and Sunshine in the cold, damp English and Scottish settings. Bravo for this great look at a new twist on the Monarchy. Even my two teenage companions loved this glimpse of History! Go! You won't regret it!

contactbarb@@ 6.10.2017   reply age: 50+   21 reviews

11.10.2017 · Name T.B.A.

An interesting suite of sketches by various directors around the theme of, well, not surprisingly, love and marital relationships. Themes go from extramarital sex and swinging to finding love despite a strict, puritanical upbringing, and from the loss of one’s virginity to the desire for a perfect baby. The whole affair is a bit tough to follow if you must rely on subtitles, because dialogues are quite rapid, but fortunately, the stories aren’t complex at all. If you’re familiar with Russian society, culture and cinema, you’ll be in familiar territory. However, if you’re a prude, easily offended, stay at home: the language and approach are quite blunt. It is not a great movie, but still a very enjoyable one that I may see a second time. I’ll have to hurry, though: it’s in its first week, only at the Forum, and there were eight people in the theater yesterday.

fsp@@ 8.10.2017   reply age: 50+   7 reviews

10.10.2017 · Andy Mathieu

Wow. What a great show on the big screen especially in surround sound. I also liked the behind the scenes documentary about the journey of the band. We get to see it a month and a half before the dvd is released. Another great thing is meeting other fans and talk about the music of all vocalist that were part in the band's history. Could we see them again for a 50th anniversary show? That would be nice. Thank-you Black Sabbath for the memories.

andy@@ 3.10.2017   reply age: 36-49   141 reviews

7.10.2017 · Adam Foidart

If you're a hockey fanatic, "Goon" is a fun, although uneven comedy you’ll want to check out. Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) is a sweet, but dim bouncer with a passion for hockey. After emerging victorious from a fight with a minor league player, he becomes a star enforcer. This catches the eye of notorious goon Ross “The Boss” Rhea (Live Schreiber), currently serving a 20-game suspension. The best aspect of this film is Seann William Scott. He’s often typecast as an offshoot of Stifler from “American Pie”. This film proves that he’s got decent range and can bring the funny without being crude, particularly when he's reluctantly knocking people's teeth out. When you see him clumsily romancing Eva (Alison Pill), a self-described slut with a weakness for hockey players, you wish him the very best. The team Doug has been put on sucks. The players bicker and their star player Xavier Laflamme (Marc-André Grondin) is a mess, but thanks to Doug’s earnestness, you want them to win. Alison Pill as the romantic interest is perfectly cast but underutilized. I would’ve like to have seen more of her and of the other Hamilton Highlanders and less, way, way less of Doug’s best friend, Pat (Jay Baruchel) He's abrasive, mean, needlessly crude and basically unnecessary. In general, the language in this film is a problem. I'm not prudish, but I’ve heard others comment on this and I agree: there’s way too much! @#$ swearing in “Goon”. After a while, you become numb to it, the four-letter words lose all impact and cease to be comedic (assuming they were initially) It becomes unnecessary noise. The vulgarities aren't even well used. If Doug had been from a small town where everyone was clean spoken and this contrasted with the "big leagues" once in Hamilton, that could've worked. As is, it feels like writers Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg decided to insert random profanities throughout to meet a length requirement. “Goon” isn’t nearly as funny as it thinks it is and there are some missed opportunities to talk about violence in hockey. On the upside, there are some nice character dynamics (I enjoyed the one that develops between Xavier and Doug) and I Liev Schreiber is a good villain. The Highlanders’ lack of discipline and Xavier’s disregard for the game are the true obstacles to victory, but behind those is a “final boss” that keeps you invested. I saw "Goon" only after I saw the sequel "The Last of the Enforcers" and I like that film better. I’ll give this one a mild recommendation because it does lead to bigger better things. When you see "Goon", stick around for the end credits, which show footage of the man who inspired the film. (On Blu-ray, September 30, 2017)

adamwatchesmovies@@ 6.10.2017   reply age: 26-35   1091 reviews

4.10.2017 · Darrell Simpson

LOL. I love it when the same people (who hate Tom Cruise yet go to see every film he stars in) bash another. Good lord enough already. Stay home. That being said, this one was pretty good. You have to wonder though how close this was "based on a true story". Seems rather doubtful that one guy could get so lucky and yet still stay alive. Then again, people constantly win the Lottery that pay out Millions...

drs@@ 1.10.2017   reply age: 50+   380 reviews

3.10.2017 · Patrick Sterling

If you like Tom Cruise then go see this. It has lots of close-ups of his smiling sweaty face. The story line went at a good pace, but overall, a "meh" movie. NO surprises whatsoever. **PLOT ALERT: If I had a Kajillion dollars in cash, I might spend some of that money build a concrete bunker somewhere to hide in.

psterl3384@@ 1.10.2017   reply age: 36-49   189 reviews

30.9.2017 · Bradford Dean

Seen this movie yesterday, I was drawn by the title because my name is Brad, and by the plot as I too work in a non profit. Definitely felt like it was about my life and this movie had some depressing moments but really, Brad has a lot going for him and shouldn't have compared his life with others. Life's meaning is reaffirmed outside of monetary wealth and Facebook status. Having said that his jerky rich friends should have helped him out though. Left the film uneasy with another one of those Hollywood unresolved endings.

bradfordd52@@ 25.9.2017   reply age: 36-49   35 reviews

27.9.2017 · Kevin Andrew

I went in there with low expectations. I really enjoyed it. Lots of action, dark spy film, lots of violence, it felt real compared to most spy films these days. Hope there's a sequel.

steelers99@@ 23.9.2017   reply age: 26-35   149 reviews

26.9.2017 · Belinda Mallette

It's got it all, action, originality, a surprise guest superstar, heart, humor,... so o.k., there are a couple of gruesome deaths but the rest more than makes up for them. I'm weak of stomach so I closed my eyes. Colorful, original, can't say enough. Go see it if you're positive-minded and can stand some high class surprising twists and brilliant chances for a few great chuckles.

ilovemovies2@@ 25.9.2017   reply age: 50+   133 reviews

23.9.2017 · Arnaud Weissenburger

Go see this movie and ignore the low score. This movie is challenging and engaging which is why people aren't used to it given that we have grown used to seeing predictable trash.

weissaud@@ 21.9.2017   reply age: 18-25   57 reviews

20.9.2017 · Robert Ladouceur

When I heard the movie was 2h20, I thought, I am going to get bored. Well not at all, it's very entertaining, just to see how Elton John plays, and Julianne Moore who is wicked in the role of a vilain, plus all the other great movie stars... it's an amazing cast. Bravo! People were clapping at the premiere.

hermes1968@@ 18.9.2017   reply age: 36-49   124 reviews

19.9.2017 · Wim Bless

I liked the non-stop action; some of the "jump out of your seat" moments... wow ; Some scenes made me turn my head from the screen, but still - overall - I thoroughly enjoyed it.

wimb@@ 15.9.2017   reply age: 50+   57 reviews

16.9.2017 · Toni Beninger

This excellent movie deals with an ongoing issue that plagues many North American Indigenous peoples in a profound way. Pay special attention to any dialog between the Jeremy Renner character (former game hunter) and the Reservation Police Chief or the victim's father to understand the depth and complexity of challenges faced by these people. Yes there are some very violent scenes but they are real life scenes, not drummed-up explosions and car chases. This movie is well worth seeing!

newlismore@@ 14.9.2017   reply age: 50+   39 reviews

13.9.2017 · Rusty Escott

Amazing movie. Great acting by all. Effects were great and not overdone. If you haven't seen the miniseries or read the book then I'm not sure you'd really understand this movie. If you watch the Tim Curry miniseries then you'd see "cheesy effects" and "cheesy acting". Then you would understand how amazing this remake actually is. The director did a phenomenal job and I can't wait for the sequel. I wouldn't say it's a very scary movie but it definitely keeps you glued to the screen for the entire 2 hours and 15 minutes. It's a horror masterpiece. Well done.

frankthetank@@ 9.9.2017   reply age: 36-49   19 reviews

12.9.2017 · Nancy Afif

I wasn't going to write but then I thought that people need to make an informed decision before spending their money and watching this movie. Actually there is nothing to write about. Where is the story? And the characters... most of them are not even likeable. Reese and Sheen and Natt W are actually fine actors, but what a waste of their talent in this movie. Too bad. I felt it started well but then I didnt know which direction it was headed. Just a fun movie with very little forced laughs and exagerated unnatural acting.

palomaarts@@ 9.9.2017   reply age: 36-49   104 reviews

9.9.2017 · Perry Rose

A powerful movie! Slow moving to start, but culminating in some deeply disturbing, yet brilliantly crafted scenes towards the end. A strong lead performance from Jeremy Renner and a surprisingly effective performance from Elizabeth Olsen. Yet, more than anything, exceptional supporting performances (many for only one or two scenes) from those actors cast as native Americans, which made for a shocking and moving portrayal of life on a remote Indian reservation. Brilliant cinematography. Welcome relief following a summer of disappointing blockbusters. An early contender for Best Picture.

prose@@ 8.9.2017   reply age: 50+   126 reviews

6.9.2017 · Glenn Lloyd

Wind river I gave it a ten A great story right to the end It's a different world on the reserve Surely it's not what they deserve The life in these hills seems cruel and blind Survival must always be on their mind We're supposed to be past the animal stage But some still need to be put in a cage.

socloc@@ 2.9.2017   reply age: 50+   32 reviews

5.9.2017 · Robert Desmarais

Eddie Murphy is well know for comedies. In this film, he is not playing a comic, but a simple man with a hearth so generous that people around him get better. I loved this movie and suggest that you give it a try.

robertd@@ 3.9.2017   reply age: 50+   1st review

2.9.2017 · Name T.B.A.

I guess it was a 5. When I saw the trailer, I thought that this would b good and funny, and also because it has 2 good actors but it wasn't really funny. If anything, this movie was more action than comedy. Kinda boring, and a bit disappointing.

boy.danny@@ 31.8.2017   reply age: 13-17   50 reviews

2.9.2017 · Rodger Todhunter

I thought this movie was an excellent cinematographic suspenseful "who done it". Great winter landscape (Alberta) and lots of snow and snow events. Very nice change to see this vs. the movies that are out this summer.

rodger@@ 30.8.2017   reply age: 50+   30 reviews

1.9.2017 · Deborah Danna

Loved, loved this movie. Took my granddaughter who is five to see it and ten minutes in she whispered," I like this movie ". First time she ever commented on a movie during a show without asking. The animation was fantastic, and the characters were great. I'll see it again.

moviegoer@@ 30.8.2017   reply age: 50+   1st review

30.8.2017 · Suraj Dayal

Not a fan of zombie films in general. They are typically cheesy and always follow the same formula. But this film went out of its comfort zone and showed something different in a genre that has always been the same. Definitely some great performances and script.

suraj@@ 30.8.2017   reply age: 18-25   107 reviews

29.8.2017 · Karen Corkhill

Amazingly I felt quite uplifted after viewing this film, even though there were many sobering statistics and examples of the impact of climate change. Al Gore has certainly found his passion and is a great ambassador for change. It was heartening to see how many people are working hard to address this issue, which I believe is the most important global issue to address. Worth seeing.

linda@@ 22.8.2017   reply age: 50+   173 reviews

26.8.2017 · Nabiha Mili

This movie could have been much better. Some unnecessary lengths could have been replaced by more interesting discussions between the main character and his parents or the main character and the girlfriend. It sounded like a movie for young teenagers still very immature. Only the girl and her father were credible.

itisme@@ 22.8.2017   reply age: 50+   123 reviews

23.8.2017 · Pietro Antoni De Vita

The life and work of YSL are accurately depicted in this, another film of the famed designer. We get to see Yves warts and all from his youth to pretty well up to the end. The fashion industry was no mystery to me, but his private life from shy boy to quite the man who could never be pleased in all areas of life was a bit disturbing. His faithlessness to his partner Pierre was not shocking but, I would say, sad. All in all, it is a feature worth seeing!

pietro.antoni@@ 19.8.2017   reply age: 36-49   6443 reviews

22.8.2017 · David Yang

Not the best by any means, but a laugh out loud movie that will bring joy to your viewing experience. Me and a buddy of mine we had a good time for sure.

kingdavid@@ 20.8.2017   reply age: 26-35   74 reviews

19.8.2017 · Tazmin Shariff

I needed a pick me up and this movie delivered in spades. Filled with humour, adventure and creativity. I loved that as an animated movie, it didn't rely on CGI to make it fun. It used plain old fashioned story telling and creativity. Jackie Chan's voice and the depiction of the kung-fu mice gang was inspired!! The final battle scenes between man and beast was a riot! I chortled as much as the 4 year old kid beside me!! Go see it!

tashariff@@ 16.8.2017   reply age: 36-49   156 reviews

16.8.2017 · Alex Lee

An absolute powerhouse of a movie. It is an emotional roller coaster but is presented really well with a bunch of different time lines that are easy to follow. The acting by all is fantastic.

al_luk@@ 12.8.2017   reply age: 36-49   211 reviews

15.8.2017 · Clifford Anderson

The story is 50 years ago America race tensions. The thing is, you can change the Motown group to a Rap group and it would happen the same way today. The movie takes a couple of stages. The first part of the movie sets up the mood and jumps around from character to character before bringing them all together in the main part of the movie at the hotel. I wish I knew that ahead of time as I had a bit of difficulty following what was happening to who and how it fit into the story later.

clifforda@@ 8.8.2017   reply age: 50+   194 reviews

12.8.2017 · Brenda Morton

If you are not a Stephen King "Constant Reader", you may like this movie. If you are, then be prepared to see something where Sai King has forgotten the face of his father (and so did Ron Howard in producing this mess.) The casting was decent. Some of the visuals were good, but the script... oh my gosh... terrible. I know this is an adaptation, and I was hoping for something as good as Shawshank and Green Mile... but I was sorely disappointed. There was homage to many of Kings other books, which was good, but maybe they could have spent more time expanding this movie? Looks like there will be sequels, but not sure if I will go see them. I'm going to go read the books again. For the 19th time. Erase the memory of this movie from my mind.

bl.morton@@ 11.8.2017   reply age: 50+   269 reviews

9.8.2017 · Joe Kanuck

It's been over 20 years since I read any of the Black Tower books... and I can't remember a thing about them. So, I went into the movie with no preconceptions... and... I liked it. First off, Idris Elba is a great actor, and anything he's in is getting an automatic 5, at least. The biggest problem I had with the movie is that it felt a bit rushed. There was a lot going on and it basically jumped into the story half way through, and was over just as you were getting settled in. Regardless, I enjoyed the movie. I have no idea how they are going to get sequels out of this but there is certainly enough material from King to work with. Worth seeing it on the big screen.

joe.kanuck@@ 8.8.2017   reply age: 50+   201 reviews

8.8.2017 · Scott Phillips

This could have been a lot better... They kept jumping amongst 4 different stories... Would have been better if they gave some back ground and stuck with 1 or 2 main stories.

magnateataxia@@ 6.8.2017   reply age: 36-49   258 reviews

5.8.2017 · Barry Legh

Great entertainment! I haven't laughed that much at a movie in a long long time. A bit counter-intuitive I suppose, but the writers and staff are quite eccentric but so committed to the notion of producing great news. It was sooo interesting!

glegh@@ 2.8.2017   reply age: 50+   120 reviews

2.8.2017 · Claude Larocque

In the chick flic category but not sucky. There are funny as well as sad and emotional moments. It also has food for thought relating to different generations and etnicities. All in all an enjoyable movie.

elaroc2478@@ 1.8.2017   reply age: 50+   288 reviews

1.8.2017 · Ben Mortlock

I was expecting a female John Wick but this was a more typical spy movie. NOC List, Double Agent etc. James Macavoy was the best part as Percival the Berlin Station Cheif. It seems like there will be a sequel given the surprise ending I will definitely see it as well.

bmubersoldat52@@ 29.7.2017   reply age: 26-35   90 reviews

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