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10 Days Across Canada



This film takes a 4 person camera crew across Canada (all 10 Provinces & 3 Territories) over a period of 10 days from September 3rd to September 13th 2009. The film follows the exploits of four residents from the Eastern Ontario town of Cornwall Ontario as they make their way from Cornwall to the West Coast of Canada and cross the Country to the East Coast and return to their hometown all within 10 days.

The 10 Days Team, comprised of 3 camera operators and 1 interviewer, will travel by plane, rail, auto mobile, and ferry, in order to capture the varying landscape of Canada as well as interview Canadians from all walks of life.


Jian Ghomeshi, Fred Penner, Max Keeping, Rita MacNeil, Arlene Dickinson, Adrienne Clarkson, Marc Garneau, Rick Green, Steve Beckta, Sheila McCarthy, Erica Ehm, Sean Cullen, Natalie McMaster, Geri Hall, Alan Park, Peter Van Loan, Lui "the Shoe" Passaglia, Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel

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