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Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Guide for parents: Rated R in the USA, violence, offensive language, nudity.
CountriesUnited Kingdom, France, Germany
Run time1h34m
GenreSci-fi horror
Directed byAlexander Witt
CompanySony Pictures


The film begins where the first film left off, with Alice (Milla Jovovic) in the heart of the ravaged and deadly Raccoon City. Together with other survivors, she must escape what is quickly becoming a City of the Dead. To reach their goal, they will need to battle their way through the relentless onslaught of the ravenous undead, as well as Umbrella forces and terrifying bioengineered weapons, the most deadly of which is the colossal, heavily armed assassin, Nemesis.


Milla JovovichAlice
Sienna GuilloryJill Valentine
Oded FehrCarlos Olivera
Thomas KretschmannMajor Cain
Jared HarrisDr. Ashford
Iain GlenDr. Isaacs
Aaron AbramsAssistant
Eric MabiusMatt Addison

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