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Total score  7.7


2003. 1h34m. Action comedy directed by William Phillips.
AA Guide for parents: Rated R in the USA, violence, offensive language, sexuality.


Kevin, Sam and Rob live for FOOLPROOF, their own private club where through high tech, meticulously thought out and executed plans, they pull off the most impossible of heists -- all in theory that is. They've never actually done it for real. But all that changes when Leo, a ruthless gangster, rips off their plans for a diamond heist. Blackmailing them, Leo forces the reluctant trio to execute a robbery worth tens of millions of dollars. As they get closer to the actual heist a terrifying reality sets in. No longer do they just need a foolproof plan to pull off their heist, but more than ever, they need one to get out alive.


Ryan ReynoldsKevin
Kristin BoothSam
James AllodiDetective Mason
David SuchetLeo Gillette
David HewlettLawrence Yeager

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