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Original titleMai wei
Original lang.Korean / Japanese
CountrySouth Korea
Run time2h17m
GenreWar drama
Directed byJe-Kyu Kang
CompanyWell Go


In colonial era Seoul, 1938, two young men have had a strong sense of rivalry since they were young. Joon-sik (Jang Dong-Gun) is a Korean man who dreams of following in the footsteps of Olympic marathon gold medal winner Sohn Kee-Chung. Tatsuo (Joe Odagiri) is a top Japanese marathon runner and lived with Joon-sik as his family worked for Tatsuo's as servants. They grew up as rivals representing their respective countries.


Dong-gun Jang
Joe Odagiri
Bingbing Fan
In-kwon Kim
Hee-won Kim
Tae-kyung Oh
Kwak Jung Wook
Shi-hoo Kim
Ho-jin Chun
Yun Hui-won

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