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I Love You Goodby

Original lang.Filipino / Tagalog / English
Directed byLaurice Guillen


All her life, Lizelle Jimenez (Angelica Panganiban) has always searched for love. When she met Dr. Andrian Benitez (Gabby Concepcion), she couldn't ask for more. He showered her love and affection and she has never felt so special. There is one thing Lizelle is struggling with as they live together - fitting in Adrian's world. Coming from humble beginnings, Lizelle finds it difficult to belong in Adrian's high-class society especially because Ysa (Kim Chiu), Adrian's teenage daughter, despises her and makes her feel so unwanted.

As Lizelle tries her best to belong in Adriann's world, she meets Gary Angeles (Derek Ramsay), the seductive photographer whom Ysa has been dating. Lizelle fins in Gary the comfort and acceptance she's been longing for. There are no pretenses when she is with him. They share a love passionate that as they give in to an affair. Lizelle is caught in a tangle of secrets, truths and lies that she has to confront. In the end, Lizelle has to choose between the men she loves the most and eventually face the consequences of her choice.


Gabby Concepcion
Angelica Panganiban
Derek Ramsay
Kim Chiu
Liza Lorena
Angel Aquino
Arlene Muhlach
Matet De Leon
Ketchup Eusebio
Janna Dominguez

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