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The Catechism Cataclysm

Run time1h15m
Directed byTodd Rohal


Father Billy (Steve Little), an eccentric young priest, is forced to take a sabbatical by his superiors when he is discovered telling inappropriate parables to his flock. Billy tracks down his high-school idol Robbie (Robert Longstreet), who begrudgingly agrees to a canoe trip. On the water, the two men reminisce about Billy's days as the keyboardist in a Christian band and Robbie's as a guitarist for a metal band. When night approaches, they realize they have lost their way--and that's when things get weird.


Judy Findlay
Steve Little
Robert Longstreet
Carlos Lopez
Derek Erdman
Ronald McGill
Alice Bridgforth
Laurel Paxton
Kevin Seal
Lynn Shelton

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