2 Days in New York

    2 Days in New York Photos from the movie 2 Days in New York
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    2012 Germany · France · Brazil 1:31 USA: R · language · nudity · sexualityComedy by Julie DelpyMarion has broken up with Jack and now lives in New York with their child. But when her family decides to come visit her, she's unaware that the different cultural background held by her new American boyfriend Mingus, her eccentric father, and her sister Rose who decided to bring her ex-boyfriend along for the trip, added to her upcoming photo exhibition, will make up for an explosive mix.
    Chris Rock
    Julie Delpy
    Kate Burton
    Vincent Gallo
    Dylan Baker
    Brady Smith
    Malinda Williams
    Emily Wagner
    Alex Manette
    Alexia Landeau
    Albert Delpy
    Erin Maya Darke
    Tatina de Marinis
    Alexandre Nahon
    Darlene Violette

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