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16 Heads and Counting: A Love Story With Teeth

Run time1h38m
Directed byAndrew Gingerich


Due to a series of catastrophic events, John Porter suffers a crisis of faith. His girlfriend Fran might be a serial killer (although she claims to kill only vampires), his best friend is being chased by the mob, and he's being tormented by an elusive "dog" that wants him to change his life, but doesn't know why.

On a journey that starts out as a search for a decent meal and something to hit the dog with, John will confront questions of life, death, faith and the supernatural.


David Armstrong
Landyn Banx
Parker Cagle-Smith
Katie Cover
Sean M. Cummings
Kyle Dyas
Vincent Gagnepain
Andrew Gingerich
Ethan Holbrook
Gale McGaha-Miller

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Poster of the movie 16 Heads and Counting: A Love Story With Teeth

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