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    8:17 p.m., Darling Street

    Poster of the movie 8:17 p.m., Darling Street
    Original title20h17 rue Darling
    Original lang.French
    Run time1h41m
    Directed byBernard Émond
    CompanyChristal FilmsChristal FilmsChristal Films
    2 reviews9.0


    An unemployed crime reporter and recovering alcoholic, he has finally come back to Hochelaga, the working class Montreal neighbourhood where he grew up. Through a series of minor mishaps, he arrives home one night, just minutes after his apartment building has been torn apart by an explosion that claims six lives. Three times divorced and six months sober, Gérard is wracked by survivor guilt. Questions torment him: why did his neighbours die and not him? Is there any sense to this event? Does life itself have any meaning? In seeking to answer the unanswerable, Gérard's old investigative instincts are reborn, as is his attraction to the bottle, and he embarks on a journey both geographical and existential.


    Luc Picard
    Diane Lavallée
    Patrick Drolet
    Guylaine Tremblay
    Fanny Mallette
    Martin Desgagné
    Patrice Bélanger
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