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    A Bigger Splash

    Poster of the movie A Bigger Splash

    A Bigger Splash

    1h 46min
    1973     Biography documentary     United Kingdom

    As an artist, David Hockney's work explored the continuum spanning desire and distance. He had both an architect's eye for physical space and structure and a pleasure-seeker's gift for making the sensual into something concrete. To see a Hockney was to see complex emotional portraits in the midst of iconography written in flesh and environment.

    Following a devastating breakup with lover Peter Schlesinger, Hockney is adrift and unable to paint. Uncertain as to who he is, he pinballs around the world, invited on the coattails of a reputation that opened so many doors but now threatens to drag him down into the unseeable. This hallucinatory document, equal parts biography, fictional memoir and fever dream, is a masterwork of artistic unease. In the almost five decades since its release (even with the industries of documentary cinema and reality television cross-pollinating and yielding new types of fame and infamy), there is still nothing else quite like it.

    Directed byJack Hazan
    Written byJack Hazan, David Mingay
    CompanyNew Line CinemaNew Line CinemaNew Line Cinema


    David Hockney, Peter Schlesinger, Celia Birtwell, Mo McDermott, Henry Geldzahler, Kasmin, Ossie Clark, Betty Freeman

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