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    A French Gigolo

    Poster of the movie A French Gigolo

    A French Gigolo

    2009     Comedy     France
    Original lang: French

    Divorced and living on her own, successful telesales presenter Judith is a women in her fifties with no apparent problems. However, she hides a secret that only her sister, Irene, is aware of: she uses the sexual services of young men she finds on Internet escort sites. That is until she meets Patrick, a handsome man whose kindness and simplicity win her over. But he also has something to hide. His real name is Marco and he works as an escort to pay the mortgage on the hair salon run by his beloved wife, Fanny. When she learns this truth, Marco stops selling his favors. But, slowly but surely, as times get tougher and money grows scarce, Fanny herself pushes her husband back to his lucrative activities, and in turn, back to Judith.

    Directed byJosiane Balasko
    Written byJosiane Balasko


    Nathalie Baye
    Éric Caravaca
    Arnaud Valois
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