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    A Funny Man

    A Funny Man (2011)
    Original lang.Danish
    Directed byMartin Zandvliet
    Written byMartin Zandvliet, Anders Frithiof


    Opening in the seductive style of the sixties, "A Funny Man" uncovers the perennial loneliness that comedian Dirch Passer (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) has found himself in after a fast-tracked rise to fame. He struggles between his own desire to gain critical respect and servicing the audience's needs. Costing his kindred friendship to on-stage partner Kjeld Petersen (Lars Ranthe) Dirch takes on Steinbeck's classic "Of Mice and Men", only for the audience to break out in laughter at his first line. Dirch's Lennie becomes a running joke, and so has, Dirch believes, his own life.


    Nikolaj Lie Kaas
    Lars Ranthe
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