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    A Line in the Sand

    A Line in the Sand (2008)
    Run time1h30m
    Directed byJeffrey Chernov
    Written byMark Nassar


    A LINE IN THE SAND tells a gripping story of one man's fall from grace on the hard streets of New York City and how he ultimately finds redemption in the unlikeliest of places. A homeless man,known only as "Banzai", is haunted by the wreckage of his past. But it's not until he is jailed for an altercation with police that the full extent of his dark secret comes to light. A secret that stuns the detectives, forces them to confront their own beliefs of right and wrong, and leads them to question whether Banzai's personal torment can be punishment enough.


    Jon Bernthal
    Bruce McGill
    Jaime Ray Newman
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