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    A Royal Hangover

    Poster of the movie A Royal Hangover

    A Royal Hangover

    1h 42min
    2014     Documentary     USA/United Kingdom/France

    A ROYAL HANGOVER is an eye-opener of a documentary that examines the binge drinking culture of Great Britain: when, where, and why it started; how it compares to other cultures; and how it can be slowed. Including interviews with scientists and doctors looking to bring awareness, members of parliament trying to legislate, and people suffering with alcoholism, A ROYAL HANGOVER is a sobering look at a plague that has dominated the British for centuries -- and what it may take to find a solution. Along with actor and recovering addict Russell Brand, we see the director's uncle who consumes two bottles of whiskey a day. He is honest when discussing his disease, heartbreaking when sharing his chances of getting better, and unforgettable when providing a personification of alcohol's grip on British culture. This film doesn't try to preach or blame, but it does attempt to turn the focus on finding ways to a new future.

    Directed byArthur Cauty
    Written byArthur Cauty


    Carrie Armstrong
    Russell Brand
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