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    A Woman's Secret

    Poster of the movie A Woman's Secret
    A Woman's Secret (1949)
    Run time1h24m
    GenreFilm noir
    Directed byNicholas Ray
    Written byVicki Baum, Herman J. Mankiewicz
    CompanyRKO Radio PicturesRKO Radio PicturesRKO Radio Pictures
    One review8.0


    This spiritual cousin of ALL ABOUT EVE, released a year later, is a curious early effort from Nicholas Ray. Presented in a series of flashbacks, this noir-tinged woman's picture tells the tale of a singer (Maureen O'Hara) whose laryngitis prompts the promotion of a younger understudy (Gloria Graham). When fame and fortune comes to the protégé, jealousy boils over and a gun is shot!


    Maureen O'Hara
    Melvyn Douglas
    Gloria Grahame
    Ellen Corby
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