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    About Mrs. Leslie

    Poster of the movie About Mrs. Leslie
    About Mrs. Leslie (1954)
    Run time1h44m
    GenreRomantic drama
    Directed byDaniel Mann
    Written byKetti Frings
    One review8.0


    Vivien (Shirley Booth) runs a boarding house for young women. Through a series of flashbacks, she details the adventures of her life. Vivien was born poor, but escapes her home by becoming a cabaret singer. She meets George Leslie (Robert Ryan), who is a very private man, but the two get to know each other and begin a passionate affair. One night at the movies, Vivien sees George in the newsreel and learns he is actually a wealthy and married industrialist.


    Shirley Booth
    Robert Ryan
    Harry Morgan
    Ellen Corby
    Amanda Blake
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