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    Addicted to Love

    Poster of the movie Addicted to Love
    1997     Romantic comedy    
    1h 40min
    Original language: English, French

    Two jilted lovers meet while spying on their respective ex's who have moved in together. Cynical photographer Ryan convinces lovesick astronomer Broderick that he can win back his childhood sweetheart (Kelly Preston) by humiliating her ex-fiance (Tcheky Karyo). Their plan goes awry as the relationships between all four evolve in ways none of them could ever have imagined.

    Directed byGriffin Dunne
    Written byRobert Gordon
    CompanyWarner Bros.Warner Bros.Warner Bros.


    Meg Ryan
    Matthew Broderick
    Kelly Preston
    Tchéky Karyo
    Maureen Stapleton
    Daniel Dae Kim
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