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    After Midnight

    Italian poster of the movie After Midnight

    After Midnight

    Dopo mezzanotte     1h 32min
    2004     Romantic comedy     Italy
    Original lang: Italian

    Martino is the night guardian of the Mole, the Turin Museum of Cinema. But for him it's not just a job. From midnight on he considers himself the master of the place. He spends his life watching the old silent movies until day comes, and then retiring to an abandoned office in the building to spend the rest of the day. The Angel is a petty thief from the outskirts of the city. He likes cars and girls. This does not make Amanda, his girlfriend, very happy. She would like to lead a regular life and she works hard to leave her tough neighborhood, but she is afraid she never will. One day Amanda gets into trouble and, running from the police, finds shelter in the Mole. Martino and Amanda could not be more different. He is used to loneliness - and now he has to share his pad with a girl. On the other hand, she never thought a dreamland like the Mole could exist. Slowly, something happens between them. But then it's time for the Angel to go find his girlfriend. Their lives tangle up like one of the silent dramas Martino is so fond of.

    Directed byDavide Ferrario
    Written byDavide Ferrario
    CompanyAvatar FilmsChristal FilmsChristal Films


    Giorgio Pasotti
    Francesca Inaudi
    Silvio Orlando
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    Photo from the movie After Midnight
    Photo from the movie After Midnight
    Photo from the movie After Midnight
    Photo from the movie After Midnight

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