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    Air Doll

    Japanese poster of the movie Air Doll
    Original titleKûki ningyô
    Original lang.Japanese
    Run time2h05m
    Directed byHirokazu Koreeda
    Written byHirokazu Koreeda, Yoshiie Goda
    Company Engine Film Engine Film Engine Film


    Hideo (Itsuji Itao) is a middle-aged man who doesn't have many friends, but he wards off loneliness with his companion Nozomi (Bae Du-na), who joins him for dinner each evening and in bed afterwards. But Nozomi is actually an inflatable love doll that can't speak or move on her own -- or she can't until one morning when she discovers she's developed the heart, flesh and soul of a human being. Unfamiliar with the world outside Hideo's apartment, Nozomi tentatively learns to walk, dress herself and venture out into the neighborhood, where she mimics the speech and habits of others. Hideo is surprised when he discovers his "air doll" has come to life, but he soon adjusts to Nozomi's new form. But Nozomi begins learning about the pain and confusion that having a heart can bring when she gets a job at a video store and falls in love with one of her co-workers, Junichi (Arata). As she struggles with her feelings, she seeks out her creator -- Sonoda (Joe Odagiri), the designer who invented the model of doll she used to be.


    Doona Bae
    Arata Iura
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    Photo from the movie Air Doll
    Photo from the movie Air Doll
    Photo from the movie Air Doll

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