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    Alone Up There

    Poster of the movie Alone Up There
    Alone Up There (2012)
    CountriesCanada, USA
    Run time1h25m
    Directed bySean Patrick Shaul
    Written bySean Patrick Shaul


    A firsthand journey to understand one of the most difficult art forms.

    The stand-up comedian is both an artist and an artisan: painstakingly developing a persona, scripting and editing an act, and, as often as not, revising it on the spot to suit the energy of a given audience. If the audience does not grasp the countless hours crafting the routine, and the empathic micro-calculations of the performance, then the act was a success... well, as long as it was funny.

    ALONE UP THERE is a feature length documentary that explores the contemporary culture of stand-up comedy with a focus on the performer. Using interviews with several professional comedians and experts ALONE UP THERE asks the questions: "What kind of person can do standup?" and "What kind of person would want to?"


    Peter Anthony
    Matt Billon
    Rick Overton
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