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    An Affirmative Act

    An Affirmative Act (2010)
    Directed byJana Mattioli
    Written byKen Del Vecchio, Talia Gonzalez


    A slice of life of a young, professional married couple with their darling baby turns a sharp, dark corner when the pair are arrested and charged with several counts of fraud. The reason: Terry and Samantha Succi aren't the man and woman that they purported to be. In truth, they are two women. One, a long haired, pretty law professor; the other, a boyish-looking architect, who tricked the world surrounding her into thinking she was a man.

    Under false pretenses of being a heterosexual couple, they married. Under false pretenses of being a heterosexual couple, they adopted their child. They obtained their benefits and paid their taxes through the same fraudulent pretext of being husband and wife...And they did so because of state law that discriminates against homosexual partners; they were prohibited from receiving the same rights and benefits as their straight counterparts.

    The Governor, in an effort to protect his politically necessary anti-gay marriage bill, secretly arranges for a quick slap-on-the wrist plea offer that will ensure both a guilty plea and a fast end to the case. Terry and Samantha, though, decide to fight the fight and enlist the unlikely representation of self-absorbed, but respected powerhouse, heterosexual attorney John DeMine. What ensues is a massive media covered courtroom battle, with equally divided views...and equally plotted acts of legal - and illegal - warfare.


    Charles Durning
    Costas Mandylor
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