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    Artists and Models

    Poster of the movie Artists and Models
    Run time1h49m
    GenreMusical comedy
    Directed byFrank Tashlin
    Written byHerbert Baker, Michael Davidson
    One review6.0


    Comic-book fanatic Eugene (Jerry Lewis) keeps roommate Rick (Dean Martin) up all night with his lurid dreams about the adventures of "Vincent the Vulture." While Eugene encounters the real-life model for his beloved super-heroine Bat Lady (a young Shirley MacLaine), Rick turns his buddy's dreams into a hit comic book and romances a fellow cartoonist. But can he defeat the Communist spies who think his cartoons are the secret to overthrowing the USA?


    Dean Martin
    Jerry Lewis
    Shirley MacLaine
    Dorothy Malone
    Anita Ekberg
    George Winslow
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