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    Attack of the Killer Donuts

    Poster of the movie Attack of the Killer Donuts
    Attack of the Killer Donuts (2016)
    Run time1h38m
    Directed byScott Wheeler
    Written byNathan Dalton, Chris De Christopher
    CompanyCardinal XDCardinal XDCardinal XD


    Johnny, a typical twenty-one year old slacker, lives with his mother and his mad scientist, Uncle Luther. Johnny works at Dandy Donuts, a mediocre donut shop, with his best friend Michelle. Michelle is in love with him, which is a fact obvious to everyone but Johnny because he is blinded by his love for his narcissistic girlfriend, Veronica who only comes around when she needs money. After years of failed research, Uncle Luther finally achieves the greatest discovery of them all: gelatinous ooze capable of bringing inanimate objects to life. In need of a power source to finish his experiment, Uncle Luther goes to the Dandy Donuts to take Johnny's laptop. After Johnny refuses to give Luther his laptop a fist- fight breaks out between Uncle Luther and Cliff, Dandy Donut's owner. During the scuffle, Luther's serum accidentally flies into a batch of donuts in the fryer. Unaware, Johnny and Michelle hand out the tainted batch of donuts to a number of customers throughout the day. Slowly the donuts start turning into bloodthirsty doughy monsters and all hell breaks loose when the Killer Donuts turn the tables on their unsuspecting victims and start eating them! Once Johnny, Michelle, and their know-it-all friend Howard figure out what happened and who the potential victims are, they begin hunting down the Killer Donuts in an attempt to save their town and its residents. Their final stand off is where it all began: at Dandy Donuts.


    C. Thomas Howell
    Justin Ray
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