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    Beauty Remains

    Beauty Remains

    Mei ren yi jiu     1h 27min
    2004     Drama     China
    Original lang: Mandarin

    It is 1948; China is on the precipice of a new era, and the decadence of the past has but a breath of history left. On the lush island of a Chinese port city, enormous houses dominate the mountainside. "Beauty Remains" is the story of two sisters--Fei and Ying--bound together by the will of their late father, and their shared love for a charismatic ex-boxer, Huang. They are two women whose paths have been dictated by the often cruel decrees of the men in their lives--two women who must somehow transcend that influence...or lose everything.

    Directed byAnn Hu
    Written byMichael Eldridge, Beth Schacter
    CompanyEmerging PicturesEmerging PicturesEmerging Pictures


    Xue Ju
    Lisa Lu
    Xun Zhou
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