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    Being Michael Madsen

    Being Michael Madsen

    1h 30min
    2007     Comedy-drama     USA

    Michael Madsen, a wildly popular motion picture actor who has started to emotionally buckle under the stress of his fame and success, often making a spectacle of himself in public. The tabloid press follows him relentlessly, waiting to capture one of his emotional outbursts on film and printing groundless stories accusing him of everything from secret gay romances to the murder of a young actress. Madsen finally decides he's had enough, and decides to give photographer, yellow journalist, and chief antagonist Billy Dant (Jason Alan Smith) a taste of his own medicine by hiring three documentary filmmakers (Davis Mikaels, Doug Tompos and, Kathy Searle) and having them follow Dant as closely as Dant has been following him. Madsen's plan might work a bit better, however, if he'd teamed up with a less inept team of documentarians.

    Directed byMichael Mongillo
    Written byMichael Mongillo, James Charbonneau


    Michael Madsen
    Jason Alan Smith
    Virginia Madsen
    Daryl Hannah
    David Carradine
    Lacey Chabert
    Harry Dean Stanton
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