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    Poster of the movie Betrayed
    1988     Dramatic thriller    
    2h 7min

    After a liberal radio talk-show host is murdered, the FBI dispatches agent Debra Winger to go undercover as a combine operator in a rural Midwest farming community, which appears to be the center for the white-supremacist group that gunned down the talk-show host. A local farmer - widower with two children takes a liking to Winger, who regularly flies back to Chicago to update her progress with her superiors. But now she has a major emotional dilemma: the investigation is leading her to the inescapable fact that 'kindly' Berenger--with whom she has developed a strong romantic attachment--is the most virulent and dangerous racist of them all. John Heard plays Winger's FBI contact and former lover.

    Directed byCosta-Gavras
    Written byJoe Eszterhas
    CompanyUnited ArtistsRené Malo Vidéo-Malofilm VideoRené Malo Vidéo-Malofilm Video


    Debra Winger
    Tom Berenger
    John Heard
    Betsy Blair
    John Mahoney
    Ted Levine
    Albert Hall
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