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    Big in Bollywood

    Original lang.English, Hindi
    Run time1h09m
    Directed byBill Bowles, Kenny Meehan
    Written byKenny Meehan


    Big in Bollywood is the story about American actor Omi Vaidya's rise to fame as an Indian celebrity. Omi is the co-star of the massive hit film 3 Idiots, and in the month of January 2010, he went from virtual unknown to household name. Omi is a non-resident Indian who grew up in Palm Springs, and is by most accounts, very American. He is now instantly recognized across India as the face of "Chatur Ramalingam", his character from the movie. His journey from Hollywood to Bollywood is a uniquely contemporary story. Never before have these two centers of world cinema been so aware of each other. Indian cinema is beginning to mirror western aesthetics, and Americans are finally becoming aware of Bollywood films.


    Omi Vaidya
    Vidhu Vinod Chopra
    Aamir Khan
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