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    Boot Camp

    Poster of the movie Boot Camp

    Boot Camp

    1h 39min
    2008     Dramatic thriller     Canada/USA

    A group of at-risk are sent to a rehabilitation program housed in a remote camp on the island of Fiji. The film follows Sophie, a Denver teenager who misses her real father and dislikes her new stepfather. When her 'acting out' leads to a serious disturbance at a social function, her parents end her to the Advanced Sensitivity Achievement Program (ASAP) in the remote Fiji islands. Although her parents believe that ASAP is a state-of-the-art deluxe institution in a beautiful natural environment turns out to be a prison-like boot camp where they are abused and brainwashed. When her boyfriend back in Denver learns of the true nature of the program, he causes himself to be sent to the camp as well in order to help her escape.

    Directed byChristian Duguay
    Written byAgatha Dominik, John Cox
    CompanyMGMThe Movie NetworkThe Movie Network


    Mila Kunis
    Gregory Smith
    Peter Stormare
    Serge Houde
    Sarah Lind
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