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    Portuguese poster of the movie Brainstorm

    Brainstorm (2001)

    Bicho de Sete Cabeças
    Original lang.Portuguese
    Run time1h14m
    Directed byLaís Bodanzky
    Written byLaís Bodanzky, Austregésilo Carrano


    This is a trip to the mental institution hell. This odyssey is lived by Neto, a middle class teenager, who lives a normal life until his father sends him to a mental institution after finding drugs in his jacket's pocket. The marijuana cigarette is just the final drop that exposes the family tragedy.

    Neto is a teenager that seeks emotions and freedom, who has his small rebellious actions that are misunderstood by his father. The lack of understanding between both of them takes him to silence up at home and by fearing the loss of control over his son, the father turns love the opposite way around.

    Sent to a mental institution, Neto gets to know a completely absurd, inhumane reality in which the people are devoured by a corrupt and cruel institutional system.


    Rodrigo Santoro
    Othon Bastos
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