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    Breaking the Bank

    Poster of the movie Breaking the Bank
    2014     Comedy    
    United Kingdom
    1h 45min
    Original language: English, Japanese

    Charles Bunbury (Kelsey Grammer) is the bumbling chairman of London's historic, yet struggling, bank Tuftons, founded by the family of his wife Penelope (Tamsin Greig). The only problem is that he knows nothing about banking. When ruthless US and Japanese investment banks start circling, Charles bets it all on a risky investment but ends up breaking the bank and is booted out in disgrace. Homeless and living on the streets, Charles begins to form an unlikely alliance in an attempt to short and hedge his way to getting his bank and his wife back.

    Directed byVadim Jean
    Written byRoger Devlin, Vadim Jean, Stephen Keyworth, James McIlwraith, Tom Swanston


    Tamsin Greig
    Kelsey Grammer
    John Michael Higgins
    Togo Igawa
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