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    Breaking the Press

    Poster of the movie Breaking the Press

    Breaking the Press

    1h 35min
    2010     Drama     USA

    Joe Conaghey's high school basketball team hasn't come through with a winning season, which throws the young coach's job into jeopardy. His problems are worsened by the fierce on- and off-court rivalry between his two sons -- hard-working older son Matt and gifted but arrogant younger son Josh. When Josh is offered a spot on the team at a prestigious Dallas high school, Joe and his kind-hearted wife, Laura, reluctantly give their permission. Josh quickly falls in with a fast, image-driven crowd, not realizing that his newfound popularity -- and his position on the team -- is both fragile and costly.

    Directed byAndrew Stevens
    Written byWilliam Langlois, Andrew Stevens
    Company20th Century Studios20th Century Studios20th Century Studios


    Drew Waters
    Farah White
    Tom Maden
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