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    Brothers in Arms

    Poster of the movie Brothers in Arms

    Brothers in Arms

    1h 29min
    2018     Action     USA

    Charlie Sheen narrates and Paul Sanchez directs what he calls a love letter to the actors experience making Platoon. The non-union, low budget, independent film cast with young, unknown actors, went on to win four Academy Awards and changed the way we view the Vietnam War. Defying Hollywood convention, the actors trained in extreme circumstances: they slept in holes, endured nightly raids, and ate military rations in the unforgiving jungle of the Philippines, under the 'take no prisoners' technique of their director, Oliver Stone. The cast tell their war stories from the audition and real military boot camp, all the way through winning the Academy Award. After three decades, the iconic film and the brotherhood they forged remain. Brothers in Arms. The unauthorized Platoon documentary.

    Directed byPaul Sanchez
    Written byPaul Sanchez
    CompanyGravitas VenturesGravitas VenturesGravitas Ventures


    Tom Berenger
    Willem Dafoe
    Keith David
    Johnny Depp
    Kevin Dillon
    Richard Edson
    John C. McGinley
    Charlie Sheen
    Oliver Stone
    Tony Todd
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