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    Burning Down the House

    Poster of the movie Burning Down the House
    Burning Down the House (2001)
    Run time1h24m
    Directed byPhilippe Mora
    Written byMichael Cole Dinelli


    Jake Seiling (John Savage) is a filmmaker who wants to adapt a recent novel by author Arthur Kranson (William Atherton) for the screen, convinced it has major box-office potential. However, the book in question has already been optioned by veteran filmmaker Sy (Orson Bean). When Sy dies unexpectedly, Jake is convinced that his chance has arrived, and he's able to persuade a French producer (René Auberjonois) to put up seed money for the project. It doesn't take long, though, for Jake to go through the producer's initial stake, and as he struggles to raise more money to put the film before the cameras, Jake's business partner Arnie (James Wilder) comes up with what he's certain is the perfect plan -- burn down Jake's house, and use the insurance money to finance the movie.


    John Savage
    James Wilder
    Joanne Baron
    William Atherton
    C. Thomas Howell
    Rene Auberjonois
    David Keith
    Orson Bean
    James Faulkner
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