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    Poster of the movie BuzzKill


    2010     Comedy     USA

    Ray Wyatt, a once promising screenwriter, refuses to "sell out" and get a job in advertising much to the dismay of his girlfriend Sara. Just when he is about to write the ending to his own life, he gets a break from an enthused LA producer who wants to meet with him in one week about his new script, "Great Shame."

    With little money to spare, Ray loads up his beat-up car, leaves New Jersey and heads to Hollywood. Ray's trip takes a drastic detour after his rambunctious companion, a young waitress from the local diner, abandons him and an infamous serial killer steals his car containing the only copy of his script with the new ending.

    With his entire future on the line, Ray desperately tracks the serial killer down but initially forgoes turning him into the police until he finds out what he thinks about the new ending.

    Directed bySteven Kampmann
    Written bySteven Kampmann, Matt Smollon


    Daniel Raymont
    Krysten Ritter
    Richard Kind
    Andrea Martin
    Martin Short
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    8 years ago

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