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    Café Metropole

    Poster of the movie Café Metropole
    Original lang.English, French, Russian
    Run time1h23m
    GenreRomantic comedy
    Directed byEdward H. Griffith
    Written byJacques Deval, Gregory Ratoff
    Company20th Century Fox20th Century Fox20th Century Fox


    Victor Lobard, the smooth and nimble owner of the Café Metropole in Paris, has only ten days to replace a small fortune he embezzled from the business; he and a clerk face prison if he fails. He thinks he's won the money at a casino then learns he's in possession of a rubber check written by Alexander Brown, a well-mannered but penniless Yank. Lobard cooks up a scheme: to have Brown pretend to be a Russian prince, woo a visiting American, and get her rich father to give Brown the money Lobard needs. Several problems: Brown's not a very good impostor, a real Russian prince presents himself, and the two young people fall in love. Does prison await or do wild strawberries?


    Loretta Young
    Tyrone Power
    Adolphe Menjou
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