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    Callback (2005)

    Run time1h30m
    Directed byEric M_ Wolfson
    Written byEric M. Wolfson, Michael DeGood
    One review8.0


    When a gritty cop drama goes terribly wrong on the first day of shooting, the actors and director must examine the chain of events that caused the film to go spiraling out of control. After being released from the Pleasant Valley Institution for the Mentally Disturbed, Tony Shamus moves to LA to pursue an acting career. Though heavily medicated and totally without experience, things go pretty well for him. He meets a girl who happens to be a casting director and lands himself a callback for a feature film. The problem: Tony is about as exciting to watch as paint drying on a wall. But, Tony has another, darker side to his personality, a dynamic alter ego that he has been struggling to repress. When Tony decides to sacrifice sanity for success he finds himself caught up in a struggle for control with his destructive alter ego.


    Jeffrey Vincent Parise
    Michael DeGood
    Cree Summer
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