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    Changing Hearts

    Poster of the movie Changing Hearts

    Changing Hearts

    1h 29min
    2012     Family     USA

    James Reed is quite content with the successful life he's built for himself in a fast-paced city. But after receiving bad news about his father's health, he reluctantly returns home to help with the family business, a bed and breakfast. There he faces menial work he eagerly left years before, and a brother he does not get along with. Though he yearns to leave as soon as he can, he discovers the bed and breakfast is struggling. As tensions rise and his father's health deteriorates, James must learn that sometimes you make sacrifices for the ones you love -- and decide if he's willing to go that far.

    Directed byBrian Brough
    Written byJennifer Jan, Brittany Wiscombe
    CompanySunWorld PicturesSunWorld PicturesSunWorld Pictures


    Brad Johnson
    Brian McNamara
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