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    Citizen Clark... A Life of Principle

    Poster of the movie Citizen Clark... A Life of Principle
    Run time1h35m
    Directed byJoseph C. Stillman
    Written byJoseph C. Stillman
    CompanyIndie RightsIndie RightsIndie Rights

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    This is a defining moment in the world: uprisings in the middle east, emerging democracies, secular and religious conflicts, new technologies that redefine how wars are waged and the interplay between surveillance to protect against terrorism and the right to privacy are occurring now and threaten the future as a new American President is determined to abuse the powers of his office. Through an examination of his exper-iences and enriched by interviews with prominent and insightful leaders, this in-depth documentary will explore Ramsey Clark's contributions on the national and world stage to human rights and justice and its implications for future generations.


    Brian Becker
    Richard Becker
    Martin Sheen
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