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    Cold Moon

    Poster of the movie Cold Moon

    Cold Moon

    1h 32min
    2016     Horror/thriller     USA

    The supernatural crime thriller "Cold Moon" tells the story of Nathan Redfield (Josh Stewart), an arrogant man of great wealth who has either lost his mind or is being tormented by terrible forces beyond even the most paranoid of imaginings. In a sleepy Southern town, the Larkins have suffered a terrible tragedy, but the family is now about to face an even more grievous trial. As traffic lights blink an eerie warning, a ghostly apparition prowls the streets, and corpses erupt from the graves of the local cemetery in an implacable march of terror. And beneath the murky surface of the river, a shifting, vaguely human shape slowly takes form, rising up from the deep to seek a terrible vengeance.

    Directed byGriff Furst
    Written byJack Snyder


    Josh Stewart
    Candy Clark
    Frank Whaley
    Christopher Lloyd
    Tommy Wiseau
    Joe Chrest
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