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    Coming Home: Par-delà Une nuit sans lune

    Poster of the movie Coming Home: Par-delà Une nuit sans lune

    Coming Home: Par-delà Une nuit sans lune

    1h 32min
    2021     Documentary     Canada
    Original lang: French

    Forty years after having fled the war in Vietnam through Laos, a young Canadian woman who arrived as a Boat People refugee goes back to her native land to meet with a long lost aunt. The emotional gathering sets the tone for a discovery trip and identity quest across Vietnam but also Lao and Cambodia, the three countries that once comprised French Indochina. By interviewing common people with extraordinary lives, the film draws links between the eruption of the war and decades of colonization.

    Directed byMarie-Hélène Panisset
    Written byThi Be Nguyen
    CompanyUniAction FilmsUniAction FilmsUniAction Films



    Teaser (with Eng. subt.)

    3 months ago

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