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    Constantine's Sword

    Poster of the movie Constantine's Sword
    Constantine's Sword (2007)
    Run time1h33m
    Directed byOren Jacoby
    Written byOren Jacoby, James Carroll
    CompanyFirst Run FeaturesFirst Run FeaturesFirst Run Features


    Constantine's Sword is the story of James Carroll; a former Catholic priest on a journey to confront his past and uncover the roots of religiously inspired violence and war. His search also reveals a growing scandal involving religious infiltration of the U.S. military and the terrible consequences of religion's influence on America's foreign policy.

    Carroll focuses on Christian antisemitism as the model for all religious hatred, exposing the cross as a symbol of a long history of violence against Jews (and, most recently, Moslems). The film brings the history of religious intolerance to life, tracing it as a source of the fanaticism that threatens the world today. At its core, Constantine's Sword is a compelling personal narrative -- a kind of detective story -- as one man uncovers the dark areas of his own past, searching for a better future.


    Liev Schreiber
    Philip Bosco
    Eli Wallach
    Dustin Hoffman
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