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    Contractor's Routine

    Run time1h31m
    GenreDramatic thriller
    Directed byYuri Tsapayev
    Written byYuri Tsapayev


    "Contractor's Routine" depicts one day in the life of Jacob Borschevsky, who although seemingly harmless, is a rather quirky human being. Lacking essential social skills, Borschevsky has cultivated a rich fantasy life complete with a mentoring alter ego, Esau, who is available at his beck and call. He labors to keep Jacob on a righteous path, but Jacob's puzzling personality disorder seems too strong to be deterred.

    The daily frustrations of the human condition are exaggerated in Jacob's lonely inner world...and over time, they begin to overtake him. When he starts to act out his rage, it is left to the audience to decide - will Jacob's mentor be powerful enough to stop his inner turbulence from spilling over into the real world?


    Tom Sizemore
    Kevin Giffin
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    Photo from the movie Contractor's Routine

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