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    Crime Story

    Poster of the movie Crime Story
    TV Series    1986     Criminal drama    

    Chicago, 1963. In this pitched saga of crime and punishment from executive producer Michael Mann, veteran detective Michael Torello (Dennis Farina) matches wits and wills with ambitious young street hood Ray Luca (Tony Denison) as he sets out to climb the ladder of organized crime.

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    Dennis Farina
    Bill Smitrovich
    Billy Campbell
    Stephen Lang
    Ted Levine
    Andrew Dice Clay
    Jon Polito
    Jay O. Sanders
    Pam Grier
    Ray Sharkey
    Michael Madsen
    Eric Bogosian
    Gary Sinise
    David Caruso
    Michael Wincott
    James Gammon
    Margaret Avery
    Dennis Haysbert
    James McDaniel
    Cecilia Peck
    Richard Edson
    Ving Rhames
    James Remar
    Lorraine Bracco
    Christian Slater
    Kevin Spacey
    Paul Guilfoyle
    Fred Savage
    Michael Rooker
    Lili Taylor
    Julia Roberts
    Stanley Tucci
    Michael Jeter
    Elias Koteas
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