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    Death in Buenos Aires

    Spanish poster of the movie Death in Buenos Aires

    Death in Buenos Aires

    Muerte en Buenos Aires     1h 30min
    2014     Psychological drama     Argentina
    Original lang: Spanish

    Detective Chávez, a family man and tough cop, must solve a mysterious homicide in the most exclusive circles of high society 1980s Buenos Aires gay underground. Agent Gomez, a hunky rookie cop, becomes Chávez's right-hand man who goes undercover as bait to catch the murderer. Having just achieved democracy, the city has a new, liberated flavor and artistic, cultural and sexual expressions begin to flourish. The director of this high-voltage erotic thriller was inspired by Brokeback Mountain, believing the same story could have happened in Argentina with policeman replacing cowboys.

    Directed byNatalia Meta
    Written byGustavo Malajovich, Laura Farhi


    Monica Antonopulos
    Hugo Arana
    Demián Bichir
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