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    Original lang.Gujarati, Hindi
    Run time2h08m
    Directed byManish Saini
    Written byManish Saini


    Best friends Gungun, Bajrang, and Vakil prefer to spend their time in school cracking jokes rather than focusing on their studies. When the boys learn that their favourite magician is performing in a nearby town, they decide to skip school and take the bus to see the show. With midterms around the corner, the boys write to the magician, convinced that he can help them with a trick to increase their grades. To their surprise, they receive a note and gift in return. The magician tells them to teach the small doll everything they need to know for their test and in turn, the doll will provide them with all of the information they need on the day of the test. Trusting that this doll will provide the magic they need, the boys take turns teaching the doll. What transpires is much more than they could have hoped for, in a clever story of perseverance and challenging oneself to exceed expectations.


    Amit Divatia
    Naseeruddin Shah
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